Dauphin Island Airport

Dauphin Island's airport is located on the bay just west of the Aloe Bay Channel. Its construction, almost thirty years ago, was a cooperative effort by federal, state and county governments to provide island access to the aviation community. The Airport is operated and maintained by Mobile County under the supervision of the County Commission. Activities are governed by the rules nad regulations applicable to all general aviation airports. Radar services are provided by Mobile Approach Control with pilot weather briefing and airport status information available from the Anniston Automated Flight Service Station.
Facilities: The airport offers 3,000 feet of hard surfact, lighted runway that will accommodate single engine and light twin engine aircraft. To assist pilots in flying the proper approach angle, there are precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights for each runway. Both the runway lights and the PAPI can be turned on and off by keying an aircraft radio a certain number of times on the Airports Unicom Frequency (122.8 kHz). The large segmented circle of red and white concrete markers surrounding the wind sock indicates all turns in the airport pattern should be made to the left. The airport has twelve permanent tie downs with ramp space for thirty.
Activity: The airport generates approximately 12,000 aircrat operations (takeoff or landings) a year. While many of these are either company helicopter operations or aircraft from local area airports, the airport continues to attract pilots from every state. The airports unique location has prompted more than one pilot to remark "its like landing on an aircraft carrier." Of course, there aren't many 3,000 ft. aircraft carriers. As many of the local restaurant owners will attest, the airport is popular destination for those looking for a nice flight and a good meal.
Development: With the approval of the County Commission and the assistance of County Engineer, Joe Ruffer, the airport obtained matching state and federal funds and has repaired the seawall, resurfaced the runway and ramp, replaced the PAPI lights, and provided ramp lighting for the tie down area. The airport's facilities, limited thought they may be, are in excellent condition.
Long range plans include hangers, terminal building, air shows, and fly-ins. Increased airport activity will, however, require careful planning to ensure proper utilization of this asset by the entire community. Toward this end, the following people were appointed to the Dauphin island Airport committee by their respective organizations to provide advice and expertise for any future development: Property Owners: Mike McHugh; Chamber of Commerce, Jimmy Morris; Park and Beach Board, Mike Henderson; Water and Sewer Authority, Jeff Caldwell; Town of Dauphin Island, Billy Dunn; DI Sea Lab, Dr. George Crozier; Mobile County Commission, Billy Meredith, Airport Manager.
For additional information or to report problems, please contact Billy Meredith at 251/824-2831.

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